How do referrals work on Chaka?

How do referrals work on Chaka?

Start building wealth with the people you love. With the Chaka referral program, when you refer a friend, you and your friend can earn up to $50 each to invest in over 4,000 stocks on Chaka. 

How many friends can I invite?

As many as you like. However, rewards vary depending on when the referee/referer places a trade of $10 or more. 

Why is my reward less than $50?

Rewards vary based on when your friend (referee) places their first trade of $10 or more. Rewards are made to both referrers and referees AFTER the REFEREE meets the business rules.

Business rules:

Referee must carry out the following actions:

Referee must carry out the following actions:

  • 1. Sign up on Chaka
  • 2. Complete global verification
  • 3. Fund global wallet
  • 4. Place a trade of $10 or more

Rewards are made in the following cohorts:

  • $50 reward for the first 20 referrals that meet business rules
  • $25 reward for the next 100 referrals that meet business rules
  • $10 reward for the next 500 referrals that meet business rules
  • $5 for all other referrals that meet business rules
How do I participate?

  • Get your referral code

You can find it in the “Account Settings” menu on your Chaka app. Tap “Share Link” or “Copy Code” to get your referral code. 

  • Share your code

Send your referral code to your friends and tell them how easy it is to build wealth on Chaka.

  • Invite your friends

To begin and earn, your friends need to download the Chaka app, enter your code when signing up, create an account, and place a trade of $10 or more.

  • Earn your reward

After your friend opens a Chaka account and  places a trade of $10 or more, you will each earn between $50 - $5 as a reward. The money will be available in your Chaka wallet. 

Wait for our confirmation email that your reward is on the way and reach out to us if you have any questions!

For further enquiries, contact us via or call 07011204586.

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