What are the fees on Chaka

What are the fees on Chaka

How are Dynamic Fees calculated?

Fees are calculated by your 30-day trade value (including your current transaction).

What is a 30-day Trade Value?

Your 30-day trade value refers to the sum of all the trades you’ve placed in the last 30 days. For example, if you’ve made five $200 trades in the last 10 days then your trade value is $1000.

Does dynamic fees apply on all trades?

Dynamic fees apply to ONLY global buy and sell orders.

How is my fee calculated on each trade?

Fees are calculated over a 30 day trading period. All trades placed during this period are added together to determine your trade value.  Your trade value then determines the fee band of which you will be charged. 

Fees are calculated based on the fee band you would be in after a trade is completed, not the current fee band you are in when the order is placed.

What are our fee bands?

Trade ValueTrade fees
$0 - $2001.5%
$200 - $1,0001%
$1,000 - $10,0000.85%
$10,000 - $50,0000.75%

Why is my fee band different from my fee at the time of trade?

The more you trade, the lower your fee becomes. 

If your first trade of the month is worth $800 then you will be paying a fee of 1.5%, while your next trade fee could be 1% if you place any amount greater than $200 which brings your trade volume above $1000.

Does this apply to local trades?

No, this does not apply to local trades.

Is Chaka regulated?

Yes, Chaka is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria (SEC)

Local Stocks

Broker commission is 0.5% or N100.

You can calculate your costs upfront using our brokerage calculator. Chaka.com/calculator .

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